Peeps, pinball, and "Play Something" are just some of the clips you should check out!

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of videos out on the internet. Even aside from streaming television shows and movies, entire websites and apps are built around creating and sharing videos, and we love sharing the ones we enjoy so that others might enjoy them as well. Here are some of the videos (both new and old) I’ve enjoyed watching the past week, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

If there’s one person making good use of his time at home, it’s most definitely Jack Black. The comedian has been transforming himself into different Avengers one video at a time, and seeing him as Captain America is truly hilarious!


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We’ve all been there – you want to watch something on Netflix, but can’t decide so you just end up scrolling through options forever, and never end up watching anything. Well, the streaming service is looking to solve that problem with their forthcoming “Play Something” option. Will Arnett explains how it works in this video.

It’s one of the given facts of the universe that kids will put just about anything in their mouths. Well, with these crayons, parents might now have to worry so much. The video below is part of a kickstarter for a line of made from vegetables and rice. Crayons you can color with and then eat? It surely is an interesting concept!

When you think of a museum, what usually comes to mind is a large, quiet building filled with priceless artifacts that most decidedly are not meant to be touched. But when it comes to this pinball museum in California, the items on display are most certainly meant to be played with! While there are a few pinball games that are only for display, the rest are meant to be played with and have a placard talking about that particular game. For a nominal entrance fee, you can play any many games are you want, all day long!

Music is a funny thing. It can set the perfect mood or change the mood of a setting. For example, this video of two crabs wrestling makes it seem like they’re dancing, thanks to the music!

It used to be that you could only enjoy Peeps once a year around Easter, but now they come in all sorts of shapes to fit holidays year-round. This video shows how the sugary treats are made (with a few secrets still kept)!

Cat owners certainly love their pets, but don’t necessarily love how the felines will try and climb all over them while they’re trying to get work done. Furniture company seems to have come up with a near-perfect solution in this exercise wheel and lounge seat combo!

One of the most meme-able moments from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had to be Daniel Bruhl‘s Zemo bopping to the beat in a club decked out in a fur-lined coat and turtleneck suit. Well, it turns out that Zemo has his own suit company – Suit-Kovia! Watch the Sokovian villain pitch his dapper coats and suit in the video below!

What are the best videos you’ve seen this week?