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President Donald Trump recently made remarks about purchasing Greenland. The real estate mogul sees Greenland as ripe with opportunities and a great acquisition for the U.S. Most people in the States considered this just another bizarre, off-the-cuff statement from the President, but there are reports from the White House that he wasn’t really joking about the prospect. There was one individual who thought Trump’s desire to purchase Greenland made sense…Conan O’Brien. The comedian and late-night talk show host has made it his mission to secure the deal between the great island nation and the United States.

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Sit back and enjoy Conan as he visits Nuuk and attempts to facilitate the deal in purchasing the country with #ConanGreenland


Conan Arrives In Nuuk

Conan arrives in the capital city of Greenland and asks the
locals if they’re excited about becoming part of the United States. 

Conan Encounters Greenland’s Sea Creatures

After witnessing an interspecies sea orgy, Conan’s guide
invites him to dine on whale skin and seal fat.

Conan Makes Headlines In Greenland

Conan is interviewed on Greenland’s KNR News, makes the cover of Greenland’s only in-flight magazine, and gives a weather report in perfect Greenlandic.

Conan Negotiates With Greenland’s Parliament

Conan works with a local realtor to get Greenland on the
market and begins negotiations with Parliament members.

Conan Buys Waterfront Property In Greenland 

After failing to broker the purchase of Greenland in Nuuk,
Conan heads north to make an offer on an iceberg.

Outtakes From Conan’s Trip To Greenland

Conan thanks Greenlanders for their generous hospitality
and even more generous portions of dried fish. 

Q&A: Conan On Greenlandic Food

Conan couldn’t stomach eating whale meat or seal fat,
but he did enjoy some really good Thai food in Greenland. 

Q&A: Who Conan Keeps In Touch With From His Travels

Conan and his Greenlandic friend Kim have
already started an email correspondence.

Q&A: Conan On Connecting With People Through Comedy

From an early age, Conan learned that his superpower was making people laugh. With “Conan Without Borders,” Conan is using his superpower to connect with people all over the world. 

Q&A: Conan On The Politics Of His Greenland Special

Conan’s goal in producing his Greenland special was not to
piss off Trump, but to make a silly, evergreen piece of performance art.

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