Conan 9.27.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, September 27th, Conan welcomed
Jim Gaffigan, Seann William Scott, and Gavin Turek

Conan Tells Jokes About Pointless News Stories:

Instead of trying to make jokes about the Kavanaugh hearing,
Conan tells some jokes about pointless news stories.

McDonald’s Responds To Subway’s Attack Ads:

McDonald’s is fighting back against their fast food rivals with their own attack ad.

Protect Your Yogurt With SecurGurt:

Thanks to Dannon SecurGurt, the next co-worker who tries
to steal your yogurt will receive their just desserts.

Everyone Was Watching The Kavanaugh Hearing:

Literally everyone in America spent the day glued
to the news watching the Kavanaugh hearing.

Andy’s Sports Blast: MLB Playoffs Edition:

Who better to host a sports program than a guy who isn’t excited
about the MLB playoffs and doesn’t know anything sports?!

Jim Gaffigan & Conan Reminisce About “Pale Force”:

CONAN Highlight: Jim and Conan look back at
the animated series that truly captured their essence.

Jim Gaffigan Was Almost Eaten By A Bear:

Jim’s family vacation in Alaska didn’t go as planned when he had an
emergency appendectomy one day and was chased by a bear the next.

Jim Gaffigan’s Very Wet Trip To Ireland:

Jim’s recent trip to Ireland made him really appreciate his clothes dryer.

Jim Gaffigan Doesn’t Like Tourist Attractions:

If Jim has a stand-up show in San Antonio,
odds are he’s not going to make a pit stop to remember the Alamo.

Seann William Scott Doesn’t Think “American Pie” Would Work In 2018:

Seann doesn’t think kids these days would be
fazed by a teenager having sex with an apple pie.

Seann William Scott: Someone Stole A Car From The “Lethal Weapon” Set:

“Dude, Where’s My Car?” took on a whole new meaning when Damon Wayans’s
car was stolen from the set from “Lethal Weapon.”

Gavin Turek “My Delight” 09/27/18:

Gavin Turek performs a track off her EP Good Look for You.


On Monday, October 1st, Conan welcomes
Anna Faris, Kyle Kinane, and musical guests Nick Lowe &​ Los Straitjackets

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