[Video] Last Night on CONAN (9/23/19): Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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On Monday, September 23rd,
Conan welcomed Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Conan On Zappos’ Three Emmy Wins

Conan jokes about The Emmys’ record-low ratings,
the “Game Of Thrones” cast, and Bernie Sanders.

Deon Cole On Safe Colors To Paint Your Face This Halloween

Our friend Deon Cole details which colors
are safe to paint your face this Halloween.

Conan & Andy Were Inspired By Billy Porter’s Emmys Look

Billy’s unique Emmys ensemble led to an
awkward moment at work this morning.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Gets Odd Sexual Requests From Fans

A particularly memorable request involved
Negan’s barbed wire bat named Lucille…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Norman Reedus Rode Their Motorcycles To #ConanCon

“The Walking Dead” stars were offered a car, but opted for their hogs.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loves Pranking His 9-Year-Old Son

Jeffrey’s son had the perfect reaction to his dad’s unexpected practical joke.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Norman Reedus Met Tom Cruise At #ConanCon

Jeffrey and Norman “fanboyed hard” when
they met Tom Cruise backstage at #ConanCon.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan On What To Expect From Negan In Season 10

Jeffrey teases what’s in store for Negan on “The Walking Dead” this season.

On Tuesday, September 24th, Conan
welcomes Anna Faris & Gavin Matts!

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