PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, September 20th, Conan welcomed
Jeff Garlin, Boyd Holbrook, and The Cooties

“Captain Marvel” Goes Too Far With The ’90s Nostalgia:

Only ’90s kids will get the new “Captain Marvel” trailer.

Conan On The Second Greatest Mistake In US History:

Conan jokes about the 2016 election,
Brett Kavanaugh, and stupid rich people.

Business Is Booming At Mushroom Dick’s:

Stormy Daniels’ graphic description of President Trump’s penis
has been a boon for Dick Mitchell’s mushroom store.

Andy Gets Out In Front Of Another Scandal:

Andy comes clean about his involvement in a dangerous voodoo doll cult.

Conan’s Applause Sign Gets An Upgrade:

Best Buy Total Tech Support helps Conan
harness the full power of his applause sign.

Jeff Garlin Is Secretly A Great Dancer:

Jeff loves to dance but hates to do it in public — until now.

Jeff Garlin Doesn’t Wear Pants At Work:

Jeff has been known to walk, bike, and pick up
coffee in his tighty whities on the Sony lot.

Thanks To Conan, Jeff Garlin Is Swimming In Free Pot:

It turns out that a lot of people watched
Jeff Garlin’s pot-centric interview with Conan.

Justin Bieber Is Channeling Boyd Holbrook’s “Narcos” Character:

PLUS: After the success of “Narcos,” Boyd reveals that Pablo Escobar’s
accountant demanded Netflix pay him a billion dollars.

Boyd Holbrook Got Hit By An Ambulance:

Because the ambulance in question was at fault,
ANOTHER ambulance had to come tend to Boyd’s injuries.

Boyd Holbrook Participated In A Greasy Pole Contest:

Boyd once climbed up a greased pole in pursuit of a hundred dollar bill.

The Cooties “Maybe That’s God” 09/20/18:

The Cooties make their late night television debut on CONAN.

On Monday, September 24th, Conan welcomes
Bradley Cooper, and musical guest Superorganism

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