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On Monday, September 17th, Conan welcomed
Ethan Hawke, Daniel Sloss, and musical guest Ninja Sex Party

Andy Retires In The Middle Of Conan’s Monologue:

Conan jokes about Vontae Davis, Mark Burnett, and Walmart.

Exclusive New Photos From Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie:

If you thought fans were underwhelmed by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker look,
wait until they see who’s playing The Riddler.

This Couple Met On An Airplane:

It’s hard to believe it, but this charming couple
first met on a crowded Delta flight to Pittsburgh.

Andy Richter’s INSANE Daily Routine:

When Mark Wahlberg hits the gym at 3:00am, Andy Richter is also awake —
getting into a Twitter feud with James Woods.

Five CONAN Crew Guys Got Their Ponytails Entangled:

Someone call the Wisconsin Humane Society,
they’ve got another knot to untangle.

Ethan Hawke Turned Down “Independence Day”:

In hindsight, Ethan thinks he probably shouldn’t have thrown
the script for “Independence Day” out the window of a moving car.

Robin Williams Helped Ethan Hawke Get His First Agent:

A young Ethan Hawke thought his “Dead Poets Society” co-star Robin Williams hated him —
until he got a call from Robin’s agent offering to represent him.

Ethan Hawke Desperately Wants To Be In A “Star Wars” Movie:

As more and more Star Wars movies get made, Ethan gets
more and more upset that he hasn’t been cast in one yet.

Why Ethan Hawke Cast A Non-Actor As His Leading Man In “Blaze”:

Ethan cast musician Ben Dickey as country legend Blaze Foley because
he wanted the role to go to someone who really had something to say about music.

Daniel Sloss: Masculinity Is The Funniest Thing In The World:

According to masculinity logic, male friends can
only tell each other “I love you” when they’re drunk.

Daniel Sloss Is Jealous Of Women’s Group Bathroom Trips:

Daniel’s male friends are only interested
in group bathroom trips that involve cocaine.

Daniel Sloss’s Stand-Up Special Has Broken Up Thousands Of Couples:

If you’re in a relationship, you should think twice
before watching Daniel’s Netflix special “Jigsaw.”

Ninja Sex Party “Danny Don’t You Know” 09/17/18:

Ninja Sex Party perform a track off their album Cool Patrol.


On Tuesday, September 18th, Conan welcomes
Javier Bardem, Elizabeth Olsen, and Phoebe Bridgers

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