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On Thursday, July 9th,
Conan welcomed Jameela Jamil!

Conan Shares A Plate Of Pasta With Andy

Conan serves his friend Andy
home-cooked penne rigate by the handful.

Sona Sits Even Further Away From Conan

Sona switches up her seat in the audience just
in case she needs to leave to get a sandwich or ramen.

Conan Looks Out The Largo’s Stage Door

Some people are leaving their homes, others are staying in.
Conan checks out what’s going on outside to make the call for himself.

Jameela Jamil’s Strange Stretchy Talents

#CONAN Highlight: Because Jameela doesn’t have enough collagen, she’s able to contort her body in a myriad of ways, including kissing her own a**.

Jameela Jamil Has A Horny Puppy

Not only is Jameela’s dog, Barold, constantly shagging his “little blanket,” she’s worried that his quarantine upbringing might cause him to become agoraphobic and politically incorrect.

Jameela Jamil Wants To Cancel Handshaking

Jameela never wants to experience the “penile imprint”
that comes with shaking a man’s hand ever again.

Jameela Jamil On Being A Transparent Role Model

For better or worse, Jameela is committed to growing
in public and being a transparent role model.

Jameela Jamil On “Legendary” & Ball Culture

Jameela’s new show “Legendary” is a voguing competition series
that explores underground ballroom culture and community.

#CONAN: Jameela Jamil Full Interview

Jameela talks about her sexually active puppy, her disdain
for handshakes, and being a transparent role model.
PLUS: She demonstrates some of her very strange talents.


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