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On Monday, May 11th,
Conan welcomed Ed Helms!

Conan’s Custom T-Shirt Commemorates His Childhood In Boston

#ConanAtHome Highlight: Boston-based Sully’s finally sent
Conan a t-shirt that accurately depicts his childhood in Boston.
(“You want to remind me of my childhood, make a shirt that shows my father
knocking a hot dog out of my hand ’cause Jim Rice dropped a fly ball.”)

Conan Was Gifted A “Very Phallic” T-Shirt

Conan Checks Out What’s Going On Outside

Conan journeys outdoors to find out if it’s
safe for people to leave the house yet.

Conan & Andy Reminisce About What They Miss

Conan and Andy reminisce about the things they miss, like adult cuddle
parties and hearing about Uber drivers’ complicated custody battles.

Conan’s Pompadour Is On The Brink Of Collapse

Conan’s iconic pompadour is beginning to crumble under its own weight.

Conan Gets Too Close To Ed Helms During His Interview

Conan invades Ed’s personal space via Zoom.

Ed Helms On The Nightly Applause For Essential Workers

When Ed hears his neighbors erupt into applause,
his first instinct is that The Purge has begun.

Ed Helms Built His Daughter An Elaborate Cardboard Train

Ed’s daughter would’ve been perfectly happy
with two cardboard boxes, but Ed wouldn’t have it.

Ed Helms Plays His Vintage Banjo

Join Ed and his musical friends each Wednesday for “Whisky Sour Happy Hour,”
a variety show that raises funds for MusiCares and Direct Relief.

Ed Helms Is In A Group Text With His Co-Stars From “The Office”

Ed tells Conan about his nostalgic group text with his former castmates.

#ConanAtHome: Ed Helms Full Interview

Ed talks about his neighborhood’s nightly applause for essential workers,
building a cardboard train for his daughter, and his group text with “Office” co-stars.
PLUS: Ed plays a song for Conan on his vintage banjo.


Mike Myers on Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

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Mike Myers Reads A Letter Conan Wrote To Him At “SNL”
– “Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Ed Helms Improvises Lyrics For A Yanni Song
– “Late Night With Conan O’Brien
(Original airdate: 12/01/06)


On Tuesday, May 12th,
Conan welcomes Chris Gethard!

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