[Video] Last Night on CONAN (3/10/20): Nikki Glaser

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On Tuesday, March 10th,
Conan welcomed Nikki Glaser!

Conan Shares Coronavirus Tips With His Staff

Conan writes a new hand washing song and
removes his office’s biggest source of contamination.

Nikki Glaser Wants To Match With Ben Affleck On Raya

Nikki can neither confirm nor deny the
actor’s presence on the celebrity dating app.

Nikki Glaser Has Scientific Proof That Men Don’t Like Funny Women

Nikki recently learned that men don’t like funny women,
they like women who laugh at their jokes.

Nikki Glaser Doesn’t Mind A Micropenis

Nikki helps a lot of women and one brave man in the CONAN audience.


Meet The CONAN Staff“:
Ted – Danny Watcher

Ted has one of the most important jobs at CONAN – watching Danny

David Sedaris on The Three Questions with Andy Richter

On Wednesday, March 11th,
Conan welcomes Norman Reedus!

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