[Video] Last Night on CONAN (2/4/20): JB Smoove

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On Tuesday, February 4th,
Conan welcomed JB Smoove!

Conan On The 2020 Iowa Caucus Results

Conan jokes about Joe Biden,
Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton.

More Shocking Footage From The Iowa Caucus

Voters from this Iowa district are very
out of the loop on some very obvious facts.

Gritty Is No Longer Facing Assault Allegations

Gritty is humbled and relieved that the assault charges
are behind him, but he may not have learned his lesson.

JB Smoove On Conan’s Revamped Set

As JB puts it, it’s like Conan went
from a two bedroom to a studio.

JB Smoove Wants To Assemble A Posse Of Villains

The “Spider-Man” and “Harley Quinn” star brainstorms
his villain name, superpower, and team of evil counterparts.

JB Smoove Pitches His “Curb” Ideas To Larry David

JB’s latest idea involved an entire season
set in the medieval period.

(Released today)

Rachel Dratch on The Three Questions with Andy Richter
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JB Smoove Teaches Conan How To Keep It Real
– “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”
(Original airdate: 3/21/08)


On Wednesday, February 5th,
Conan welcomes Diego Luna!

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