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On Wednesday, October 30th,
Conan welcomed Deon Cole!

Conan: Which MLB Team Will Turn Down An Invitation To The White House?

Conan jokes about the World Series, pornography, and punitive art classes.

How Netflix’s New Audio Descriptions Characterize Conan

Hear what Netflix’s audio descriptions feature had to say about this gangly ghost of a man.

Save Money This Halloween With Sanderson’s Sampler

Sanderson’s Sampler features a variety of candy bars
including Twax, FingerButter, and Roose’s Peanut Butter Cops.

Deon Cole Shows Conan The Art Of Dirty Dancing

Deon unearthed an instructional dance video from the ’80s
that teaches couples how to do “The Circle” and “The Afro Tilt.”

Businesses Are Stealing Deon Cole’s Joke Material

Deon Cole would like to be compensated in cake
for his contribution to this restaurant’s outdoor sign.

Deon Cole Won Halloween With This Costume

Deon didn’t know Halloween was a competition,
but if it is, his Sho’nuff costume is definitely a winner.


Stephen King talks about his hatred of Halloween
on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” – 09/23/05

On Wednesday, October 30th,
Conan welcomes Ewan McGregor!

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