[Video] Last Night on CONAN (1/15/20): Larry David

Conan 1.15.20

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On Wednesday, January 15th,
Conan welcomed Larry David!

Conan On The First Time In History
Glasses Didn’t Make Someone Look Smarter
Conan jokes about Trump, the Democratic debate, and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Andy Hasn’t Seen “Parasite”
Andy was going to watch the Best Picture nominee,
but he opted for a “Chopped” marathon instead.

Larry David’s Alternate GQ Looks
Larry refused to let GQ dress him,
and Conan thinks it was a wasted opportunity.

Larry David Has No Desire To Be Conan’s Friend
Conan thinks Larry would enjoy his company, but Larry disagrees.

Larry David Imagines His Life Without “Seinfeld”
Without “Seinfeld,” Larry would have turned to his only other skill — driving.

Larry David: I’m Becoming Too Much Like My “Curbed” Character
Lately, the real life Larry David has been
negatively influenced by the character Larry David.

(Released today)

Jordan Schlansky’s Opinions On Opinions

On Thursday, January 16th,
Conan welcomes Ilana Glazer!

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