[Video] Fully Functioning LEGO Guitar – Blocks That Rock

Wood work is a passion and art form. Guitars and guitar making are also an art form, that takes a special type of wood work. So it is not uncommon to find a wood artisan with a passion for guitars. Pavan WoodWorks crafts some beautiful guitars that have intricate inlays, spectacular carvings and precision burns.

However this master artisan has also crafted a guitar of a different sort;

Fully Functioning

This fully functioning electric guitar with a body made completely out of LEGOs. If you know anything about guitars, then you know that every guitar needs sturdy and functional neck. Ot would be almost impossible to create a functional neck out of LEGOs, so creator Nicola Pavan used a normal guitar neck. The wooden neck was fastened to the LEGO body using screws and a small amount of glue around them to ensure they stayed in place.

The results are fantastic as seen in the video below;

Lego Guitar has been so popular, it even has its own Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye on it.