Regardless of what holiday you may be celebrating this month, you probably haven’t been able to avoid hearing about the controversy where Starbucks is “waging war on Christmas.”  Removing all icons that represent Christmas from their cups, Starbucks went with a more minimal route this year debuting a simple red cup.  It has some people quitting Starbucks cold turkey and is forcing others into finding alternatives such as Dutch Bros.  All in all, this controversy has seemed to cause people to become angrier than a person who hasn’t had their morning java for a week!  Two sugars, please!


Undefinity has unmasked the evil of the infamous red cup. Be sure to hold onto your mugs, cookies, and Santa hats because it’s about to get horrifying.

Check out Undefinity’s latest release and let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Crew: Undefinity
Camera/Direction/Editing/Sound Design: Jon Layton
Writing/Coordinating/Visual Effects/Editing: Benjamin Layton
Concept/Co-directing: Benjamin Danger Phillips
Writing/Boom: Steve Layton

Undifinity logo

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