Two Years Ago Today – May 12, 2015

On May 12, 2015 we got to know a few characters. Jason gave us an extensive look at the main characters from “Arrow” And “The Flash” including their abilities and skills.

The Flash and Arrow

He also gave us a detailed look at the characters that were in Sucide Squad, or least what they should have been.

Suicide Squad members

Manny wrote a spectacular review of what was to become a huge hit, Squarriors by Devil’s Due

Did you know that Big Brother is truly watching? Well if you didn’t, then read this article by April about satellite technology and Skynet. It might make you want to start hiding in bunkers and wearing metal hats.

We had a Jason David Frank Video Response Vs CM Punk! Plus PopCultHQ’s Interview With JDF by Manny

Manny also gave us this Star Wars fan film made in the style of a 80’s G1 Transformers/Robotech cartoon anime. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over and check it out…it is awesome.