[TV News] The CW’s Arrowverse: San Diego Comic-Con Roundup

Whether you’re there experiencing it in person or picking up on all the latest details via the Internet, this weekend is chock-full the latest details on all of your favorite movies and TV shows in attendance at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s a roundup everything we’re learning about the new seasons of The CW’s Arrowverse shows, and be sure to stay tuned for more as it occurs.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Since the end of last season’s crossover, we’ve known that something massive was being planned for the next one. Elseworlds might have only been three episodes, but ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths looks to be a superhero-sized spectacle, taking place over 5 hours of television and bring Legends of Tomorrow back into the fun once again.

It looks like the event will tap into the multiverse even more so than before, starting with multiple versions of Superman. On the CW, Superman has been portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin, but this time around he’ll be sharing the spotlight as the Kryptonian superhero with none other than Brandon Routh. Routh played the role in Superman Returns, but he also has a role in the Arrowverse as Ray Palmer/The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow.

It has been stated that the actors will portray Superman in different time periods, but given the meta nature of Legends, I’m sure we may get a stray comment or two about how Palmer resembles the Man of Steel.

Elizabeth Tulloch will also be returning in her role as Lois Lane, and the television event will introduce us to the child she and Clark left Earth to have at the end of ‘Elseworlds’.

LaMonica Garrett (the Monitor in ‘Elseworlds’) will again play the crossover’s main villain, but this time he will play the Anti-Monitor. Tom Canavaugh from The Flash will play Pariah, a pivotal character in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’ comics.


Fans of the show haven’t seen Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott since he left to go to the future with Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes at the end of Season 3. If you’ve been missing Kara’s best friend, your patience will soon be rewarded.

Details on the exact nature is his return are scarce, but news broke that Winn will be returning to National City in Season 5 following the events of the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event. Right now, it appears he will only be back for three episodes, but with any luck this won’t be the last we see of Winn.

Mehcad Brooks, who plays James Olsen, will be departing from Supergirl in the first half on Season 5. There is no word on how he will be leaving, but the showrunners said in a statement that the door is always open for him to return.

“We love Mehcad and we’re sad to see him leave the show as a series regular, but we’re excited for both Mehcad and James Olsen’s future. He’ll always be a part of our Supergirl family and we look forward to James returning to National City at some point to visit his sister and his super friends.”

Julie Gonzalo has been cast as Andrea Rojas (Acrata).
A polished businesswoman and heir to a Central American tech empire, Andrea Rojas (aka Acrata) is now making a hostile advance into the world of media. Unapologetic and unafraid to make waves, she also holds a mystical secret. 

Staz Nair will play an original character for the show, reporter William Dey. On the surface, he’s a cynic and a sellout who looks down on Kara’s earnest idealism. Dey’s not interested in making friends, he just wants to get the story – but his ties to the criminal underworld could prove problematic.

Meaghan Rath will be joining the show as a female Brainiac-5. The actress’ brother, Jesse Rath, already appears on the show as the current Brainiac-5, aka Brainy. Not much else is known about her role in the show, including how many episodes she will appear in.

In the Season 5 trailer, you can see how the major themes of the new season look like they will focus on the growing rift between Kara and Lena Luthor, Lena’s insistence that she’s not a villain like her brother Lex, and a reference to Leviathan, a criminal organization created by Talia al Ghul in the comics after leaving the League of Assassins. Best of all, we get to see Supergirl’s new suit!


The Flash

If Season 5 of The Flash taught us anything, it’s that messing with time will always come around and bite you in the end. It ended on quite a somber note with the death of Nora. There was also quite a shock when we learn that the newspaper in Eobard Thawn’s time vault about the Flash’s disappearance changed, drastically moving up in time.

The finale also saw the escape of Eobard Thawne, who promised he’d see Flash again during the next crisis. Thawne will not be the big bad of Season 6, but Grant Gustin is eager to see villain’s arc wrapped up. Not much is known about the big bad of this season, other than it will be a male character from the comics that has not yet been name-dropped on the show. Executive Producer Eric Wallace said,

“The emotional journey that the big bad is on mirrors the emotional journey that Barry Allen must face going into season 6. The big bad this season, if we can do our jobs right, will be the most personal villain the Flash has ever faced emotionally since Eobard Thawne. Because this year’s big bad is facing kind of the same circumstances Barry Allen is going through, it’s going to bring them closer together in a darker way than villains that perhaps we’ve seen in the last few seasons.”

Crisis on Infinite Earthswill divide up the new season of The Flash, as it will have big repercussions on the show. On the subject of the crossover, Wallace said,

“We found really unique ways to make the season fresh that we never expected, thanks to ‘Crisis’… the back half of the season is all about dealing with the fallout from the events of ‘Crisis.’”

Stay tuned for even more from San Diego Comic Con!