[Year in Review] Top 10 Convention Coverage Articles in 2017

PopCultHQ has had a very productive 2017. Even though the year isn’t (officially) over, we are looking at our Top 10’s on everything over the last twelve months. Yesterday, we looked at the Top 10 Comic Book Coverage Articles, and today we are looking at our Top 10 Convention Coverage Articles.

Of course, our top convention related article, and actually our top article overall, is the Convention List but we are going to exclude that from the actual count.

#10 – Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 Friday Part 1

C2E2 2017 Friday

#9 – Cosplay Photos: Anime Central (ACEN) 2017 Part 3

#8 – Cosplay Photos: Anime Central (ACEN) Part 1

#7 – Cosplay Photos: Emerald City Comicon 2017 – Friday (Part 1)

Emerald City Comic Con 2017

#6 – Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 Saturday Part 2

#5 – Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 Saturday Part 1

C2E2 2017 Saturday

#4 – Cosplay Photos – Emerald City Comicon 2017 – Saturday

#3 – 14 Signs of a Potential Convention Failure

In response to so many failed conventions, we try to give you a few tips to look for so you can avoid working at, vending, or possibly even attending, the “con job” conventions.

convention warning

#2 – Chaos at Cosplay Con & Anime Experience

Every year there is more than one convention that falls flat on its face and PopCultHQ covers a few of them. Some of these cons are truly con jobs, just as the Cosplay Con & Anime Experience turned out to be.

Cosplay Con and Anime Experience and Con Job


#1 – Michael Rooker Looks For an “Absolute, Most Gorgeous Jiggly Butt” at Wizard World Sacramento 2017

Michael Rooker had a great time playing with the sign language interpreter during his panel at Wizard World in Sacramento and our writer May was there to catch it.


Be sure to stay tuned the rest of the week as we continue to cover our Top 10’s!