On January 24th, the sci-fi hit TV series The X-Files returns to the Fox network.  Returning are cast members David Duchovny (Agt. Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Agt. Dana Scully), Mitch Pileggi (Asst. Director Walter Skinner), and even an appearance from the considered-dead Cigarette Smoking Man, as portrayed by William B. Davis.


On a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Duchovny and Anderson discuss the upcoming 6-episode miniseries.  Host Kimmel shows the audience a sneak preview of the show set to air in a couple of weeks, where creator Chris Carter invited Jimmy to join the agents in an upcoming episode.  Jimmy’s role as Agent Keith is to get the veteran FBI agents up-to-date on technology, as the duo still seem stuck in their 90’s ways after being off the air for 13 years.

Take a look and enjoy!


As an added bonus, here is a look at the first minute of the January 24th premiere: