‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale Review – [SPOILERS]

Season 7 has been a snoozer for me. Perhaps it was the hype surrounding Negan. Perhaps it was the dragging plot line. Even so, the season 7 finale had some memorable scenes. Let’s recap:


The show opens with Sasha listening to music on headphones then she drifts into sleep. She has a flashback of her with Abraham. This moment only made me realize how much I miss his character, his one-liners, and how good the show was before Negan arrived. *Sigh* More on this later.

Back to the show…Sasha is then seen with Negan who offers her breakfast (a smiley face pancake!) and tells her that one person needs to die. Maggie rallies the Hilltop and Carol and Morgan are rallying the Kingdom folk. Finally! Carol is back!!

The scavengers and Alexandrians are prepping for the arrival of Negan. When the bomb they rigged fails to detonate, the scavengers turn their weapons on the Alexandrians. Plot twist! Negan reveals a coffin and it becomes clear that Sasha is inside. Negan opens it and a walker Sasha exits. She attacks Negan and Carl uses the distraction to shoot a Scavenger. Chaos ensues, and after lots of gunfire, the Kingdom and Hilltop finally arrive. In brief, Michonne gets badly beaten but survives, Rosita takes a hit as does Rick. But neither appear life-threatening. The show ends with a long monologue from Maggie explaining the legacy that Glenn left behind.

There was a flashback scene that shows Sasha in her final moments with Abraham. She tells him not to go because she had a dream where he died. Then Abraham goes on about how they have to help. He says, “Putting yourself on the line for someone else, that’s living.” This coupled with the monologue from Glenn felt like the show was reaching for what made it great: characters we were attached to. It was a touching ending, no ugly cliffhanger like last season. But this season was so muddled and it jumped from the Saviors to Hilltop to Kingdom to Scavengers to Oceanside and back again. It took 15 episodes to get to the “All Out War.” And those 15 episodes had few memorable moments. I couldn’t tell you a favorite moment because there wasn’t anything that stood out. This finale just made me miss the old show. “Hey guys, remember Glenn and Abraham? Weren’t they great? Here they are again so you can miss the show when it was good.”

How much longer are fans willing to wait to see if the show picks up? I’m not really sure how much longer I’ll be around to wait.

For a finale, it doesn’t rank anywhere near the others. Rating: 2/5

2 out of 5 Stars

And as a season as a whole, it was poor. Rating: 1/5

1 out of 5 Stars


Check back for my thoughts on why I think Season 7 has finally “jumped the shark.”