‘The Walking Dead’ Review: 7×06 – “Swear” [SPOILERS]

PopCultHQ’s Amanda continues her series of reviews for season seven of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Here’s a look at episode six entitled, “Swear,” which little did the network know that episode title would take on more than one connotation after its airing. For more, read on!



t2Last night’s episode opens with Tara washed up on a beach. A young girl nearly kills her thinking she’s a walker. Flashback to Heath and Tara who have been scavenging for 2 weeks. Heath is having trouble adjusting to what the world actually is outside the walls of Alexandria. He doesn’t like to be forced to kill for food, for survival. Back on the beach, Tara wakes up and follows a woman. It seems she found an all-woman community. Next thing you know, there’s a shootout when these women find Tara. Is it another Negan compound?

Flashback again to Heath and Tara scavenging and they come across a large sand hill. Tara pulls at a duffle bag and sand walkers emerge from the hill.

t4Back at the woman compound, the female in charge questions Tara. Tara lies about being a fisher. Then Tara tells them about Negan’s group. She tries to convince them to join forces to fight against Negan.

At this point of the episode, it feels like there are too many groups, too many stories, and it’s drawn out.

t5Tara finally escapes and returns to Alexandria. Heath is MIA and Tara only finds heartbreak in Alexandria as she finds out her girlfriend, Glenn and Abraham are dead. Rosita asks Tara if there was anything out there like another group, ammunition, etc. Tara has an opportunity to reveal the all-women group but doesn’t. There are only 2 episodes left for this (calendar) year and it feels like the series is on a downward slope. I’m not trashing this episode but, well okay, yes I am trashing this episode. An entire episode about Tara does not move the plot forward. I loved the episode last season on Morgan and “The Cheesemaker” Eastman but this didn’t even come close to that level of storytelling.

Overall rating: F

Quite possibly the worst episode in a long time.

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