The Walking Dead Finale Recap “Conquer” #TheWalkingDeadFinale

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Last night wrapped up season 5 of The Walking Dead.  All my predictions were not met and thankfully so because I thought we’d see either Glenn or Daryl die.  However, if we can take examples of other TWD finale’s, we know most deaths don’t occur with the finale but during mid-season.  Anyhow, here’s a recap of last night’s episode, “Conquer.”

There were plenty of surprises and edge-the-seat moments during this episode. The first surprise of the night was the appearance of Morgan. Finally.  Morgan seems to a lone wandered until he comes across one of the “Wolves.” Another “Finally.” I’ve been waiting for this to develop all season. I would have loved a teaser of Negan, however. Maybe a glimpse of Lucille, his bat, or even the back of his head.  Oh well. I’ll have to wait on that.

The wolves threaten to take everything away from Morgan even the damn cocoa he wants to sip. Jerks.  Take me life but don’t take my cocoa. Morgan whips out a long stick and unleashes some Donatello moves.  This guy rocks.

Meanwhile back in Alexandria, the town will have a meeting to discuss Rick’s outburst (also known as Going Full Shane). This episode had some great lines including one from Carol who says she’s been putting on an act for the Alexandrian’s because, “They’re children. Children love stories.” I will repeatedly say this, but Carol is probably the best female heroine on television.  She later threatens the wife-beater/doctor. Carol, who was in season 1, a timid and beaten woman herself, has come a long way. LOVE HER.

Sasha, who we saw have some mental breakdown, is seen hauling a dead walker into a pit. Then, she just lies on top of them.  A bit odd, ain’t it?

Daryl and Aaron on following a man in a red poncho but then come across a large grocery store.  Aaron convinces Daryl to abandon looking for red poncho guy, and stock up on food. What happens next, had me yelling at the screen….the place is booby-trapped with walkers. Daryl opens the trailer to a truck which has all 3 trailers lift open and walkers quickly swarm them. They run into a car and find a note that says (paraphrasing here), “Don’t stay. Bad men coming. It’s a trap.” I thought this was the end of both Aaron and Daryl. There was even a moment where Daryl talks about fitting in more outside the walls of Alexandria and I thought, “This is his final speech. OH-EM-GEE.” I was wrong. Daryl says he’ll sacrifice himself, lead the walkers away so Aaron can get out. But Aaron says they’ll go out together.  Just then someone helps them kill the mass of walkers. Who is it? Donatello…er, Morgan! Please, writers, let Morgan live long than Noah, T-Dog, Tyrese…you get the picture.

Glenn is also in a mess with Nicolas. Nicolas went running outside the gates and Glenn followed. Glenn gets shot in the shoulder and the wrestle. Ultimately, Glenn overpowers him and has the chance to kill Nicolas but doesn’t take it. We see him helping him walk back towards Alexandria. Total let down. Bet your ass I would have killed him and would have said it was in self-defense.

Father Gabriel wanders outside the gates also. It appears he will attempt to kill himself but then kills 2 walkers.  As we saw last week, Gabriel is a traitor to the group. He told Dreanna that they were dangerous. Gabriel makes his way back to Alexandria and leaves the gate open.  Sasha approaches him looking for guidance but he reprimands her, calls her a sinner and Sasha has her weapon drawn on him.  Maggie interrupts just in time and calms her down. Ugh. Letdown.

The meeting over Rick’s meltdown is taking place and Rick is on his way when he notices the gate to Alexandria was left open by Gabriel. Not only that, there’s flesh and blood on it. Rick seeks out the walkers, successfully kills one with his bare hands all while the town is having their little meeting.  Yeah, while you were over here talking trash about me, I was saving y’all. Rick saves everyone. Again.

But wait, there’s more! There’s still, like, 2 whole minutes left!

Wife-beater/doctor, (I know his name is Pete), shows up to the meeting looking to settle the matter with katana blade in hand. He swings the katana and slashes Dreanna’s husband’s throat. The Alexandria folks are shocked, and Rick looks to Dreanna on what to do. She then gives a head nod with teary eyes and says, “Rick. Do it.” With that, Rick shoots the “porch dick.”

Rick looks up and it’s no other than Morgan with Aaron and Daryl.

So much drama. So many “OMG” moments. I was a bit disappointed that some of the jerks are still alive but I’m sure the Wolves will replace them on the list of enemies.

Rick seems to understand that they need Alexandria and will attempt to make it work.  Dreanna, in her lust for revenge, might now understand that killing those who threaten the group is necessity.

Alexandrians will have to learn from Rick’s group and they will have to harden up before real progress can be made.  And the Wolves are lurking so what will become of them in Season 6? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait til October to find out.

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