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PopcultHQ has gathered all the biggest news on this year’s upcoming TV season for the major networks. Here’s the quick rundown of The good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to TV show renewals and cancellations for the 2015/2016 network/cable TV season.


Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn

NBC – made all the shock-waves in the TV world but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. By basically giving up on fan favorite comic book based TV show Constantine, even with an astounding number of social media support, to even WB’s Arrow star Stephen Amell wanting to lend his character with a crossover pitch. It all falls on deaf ears at NBC since it seems they would rather move on with Heroes Reborn. NBC just does not want the Constantine show and that is fine by us comic fans at!

Why its a good thing Constantine got cancelled!


NBC’s latest announcement also mentions that the revitalization of classic 90’s TV show Coach which is coming back with Craig T. Nelson. The new Eva Longoria comedy Hot & Bothered will land on NBC in mid-season. Another big comedy that NBC is also banking on to take over some of its losses will be People Are Talking staring long-time TV star Mark Paul-Gosselaar (Saved By The Bell, NYPD Blue) about two diverse couples, who are both neighbors and best friends. As they go through life side by side, they can’t help but analyze and obsess about EVERYTHING. From topics like sex and race, to the fact that the trusted new babysitter might just be a porn star, nothing is out-of-bounds for this wildly outspoken foursome. Last but not least, Heroes Reborn is looking to make a huge splash this year with a 12-episode mini series.

NBC Show Cancellations: 

A to Z
About a Boy
Bad Judge
Marry Me
One Big Happy
State of Affairs



CBS – is breaking into the comic book TV show hype with a very strong contender! Who’s stronger than Supergirl right?! Supergirl will revolve around Kara Zor-El, who escaped Krypton amid its destruction years ago. Zor-El has been hiding her superhuman powers she shares with her famous cousin, Superman. Since arriving on Earth she has been scared to reveal herself but now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and become the hero she was always meant to be. Supergirl will be a massive hit as long as CBS doesn’t try to change her comic book tales. The series stars Melissa Benoist as “Kara” and old Superman cape holder Dean Cain will also appear in an unknown role so far.

CBS is also trying to bring a few movie properties into the small screen format with Limitless based on the 2011 film and also Rush Hour will be making its move to CBS with actors Justin Hires as (Chris Tucker’s) Detective James Carter and Jon Foo – (as Jackie Chan’s) Lee. This will be very interesting to see how CBS tries to pull those TV series off! The only really sad cancellation from CBS that will be missed by myself will be The Millers. Not quite the slap your knees kind of funny but still had it’s fair share of adult humor that I really enjoy with shows like Two Broke Girls, Mike and Molly or Mom.

CBS Cancellations:

Battle Creek
The McCarthys
The Millers


Agents Of SHIELD
Agents Of SHIELD
The Goldbergs
The Goldbergs

ABC – Finally made a tough decision to NOT make an Agents of SHIELD spin-off show based on popular SHIELD agent Mockingbird. Also ABC has cancelled Forever along with the comedy Cristela, a primetime comedy that highlighted a Mexican-American family in their home. “Forever” just wrapped up its series on Tuesday night, while Cristela finished out its run in the middle of April. In addition, the Season 2 drama Resurrection will not be returning for Season 3.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter

ABC did pick up a new comedy with an old movie name and an old movie star. Ok, that was a low blow, but it is true. Mike Epps has not been seen on the movie screen since….as far as I can recall one of those Resident Evil sequels. Now Mike comes to the small screen with a new TV comedy Uncle Buck. ABC has also made a series order for an all new Muppets TV show as well, this will be exciting news for the Muppets movie and classic TV show fans.

ABC Cancellations:

Manhattan Love Story



FOX – Has cancelled freshman comedy Backstrom which I was never really a fan of, even the preview spots were silly but what was a shock to see get a cancellation of was The Following. The ultra creepy crime drama The Following had its faithful following for the first three seasons but quickly fell-off. You can still check out the final four episodes of The Following in two-hour blocks over the next two Monday nights, with the finale airing on May 18,


All the while FOX picks up DC Vertigo title Lucifer for a trial run even after seeing what troubles NBC had with Constantine it is a bit of a surprise to me. X-Files reboot will be FOX’s attempt to bring back the sci-fi fan-base once again with the return of Scully and Mulder. The shocking news from FOX came when they cancelled The Mindy Project on a cliffhanger of a third season but alas fans I would not worry too much over this show. Mindy Project is looking to come back for a fourth season at least on HULU streaming subscription service.

The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project

FOX Cancellations:

The Following
Red Band Society

NetFlix and Cable TV


Netflix – Will once again dominate the binge watching with a second season of Daredevil already on order. While we have to wait till next year for more Daredevil (unless he makes some cameos) there is still Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders to round it all up to come. The newly canceled Forever from ABC looks to be making a move to the steaming subscription service. The most anticipated show of them all will be making it’s Netflix debut this year hopefully. Fuller House! The recreation series based on the lovable 80’s TV classic Full House is in full development now for Netflix streaming!! Fuller House will be my prediction hit of the year!!

TNT – Will have the DC Comics property Teen Titans to work with

Teen Titans

The Rest of the Seasons Cancellations:

The CW:
Hart of Dixie (CW)
Cable TV:
Anger Management (FX)
Benched (USA)
Covert Affairs (USA)
Dallas (TNT)
Eye Candy (MTV)
Franklin & Bash (TNT)
Garfunkel and Oates (IFC)
Ground Floor (TBS)
Happyland (MTV)
LeAnn and Eddie (VH1)
Looking (HBO)
Melissa & Joey (ABC Family)
Perception (TNT)
Sirens (USA)
Witches of East End (Lifetime)