The Big Bang Theory Gives A Heartfelt Tribute to Carol Ann Susi (Mrs. Wolowitz)!

WARNING: *SPOILERS* – Do not read unless you seen last night’s episode! “Comic Book Store Regeneration”

The Big Bang Theory’s newest episode last night went right for the FEELZ as the show and cast give a heartfelt ending to Mrs. Wolowitz (Howard’s Mom) and actress Carol Ann Susi. Even though we never got to actually see the very talented voice actress, Carol was a big part of the series right from season one. While only Carol’s voice was used, she was not the actress who played the figure briefly seen on-screen in the awesome Thanksgiving Day episode with Raj. The ever so recognizable voice of Mrs. Wolowitz was always guaranteed for a laugh. I am glad they showed respect to the character by not recasting the voice and retiring the character of Mrs. Wolowitz. R.I.P. Carol Ann Susi, your commanding voice and comedic talents will be greatly missed.

In a TV show that does from time to time get deep down and serious as last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory did, it was an emotional roller coaster ride of a show. I personally did not know there was going to be a send off of Mrs. Wolowitz since I must have missed the memo. I am very glad I got to watch it live and not on DVR, because nowadays nothing big on TV stays a secret anymore with the Internet spoilers abound everywhere.

Episode highlights:

The gang now has a new comic book shop to visit! The one time comic book shop owner Stewart, who lost his store to a fire, is opening a NEW comic book shop! What a shop it is! With a wall rack full of comics and life size busts of super heroes everywhere, not to mention a new reading nook corner that seems to set off Howard once he notices the nook’s furniture came from his mother’s house. Stewart, who was staying with Mrs. Wolowitz after losing his first shop, is once again on his own and doing well thanks to Howard’s mother.

Nathan Fillion makes a cameo on The Big Bang Theory! The star of the current hit TV show “Castle” Mr. Nathan Fillion is eating in a deli when Raj and Leonard happen to spot the obviously badly disguised actor. When our favorite geeks try to out the “Firefly” actor Fillion for the first time, the actor is not so willing to give up his guise. When Raj and Leonard try once more, Nathan is then willing to give the men a selfie shot with them. The ending snap shot ends with the joke of Fillion looking a bit more annoyed then usual.

Then at the new comic book shop when all the gang gathers once again, it ends up in a massive group fight. Suddenly Howard gets “the call”… his mother has passed away! The friends gather around Howard and console the devastated man. Later in the gang’s apartment, they all recount their favorite tales of Mrs. Wolowitz. A truly heartfelt send off is then given by the entire cast with a toast… a very perfect somber moment.

R.I.P. Carol Ann Susi, your commanding voice and comedic talents will be greatly missed.