September is more than half over which means that Halloween is right around the corner. Before you know it you will have costumed characters ringing your bell and they won’t all be salesmen.

Spirit Halloween stores are starting to pop up and they have a HUGE selection of costumes, so I decided to browse their website for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and in the process I have learned a few things.

The most important being that has long as you have green and yellow somewhere on your costume, you can be a Ninja Turtle.

Some of the costumes are really cute:
ninja-babyand some of them are really practical such as the hoodies, unfortunately, only two of the turtles have hoodies.

hoodie-turtleBut check out this awesome variety of TMNT costumes. These are the type of costume any TMNT fan (boy or girl) would be proud to wear:


There are also Turtle costumes that are specifically aimed at girls….and I really have to ask the question, why?
turtles-girlA few of these is where you really start to wonder ‘what makes them a ninja turtle?‘ The bottom three, those definitely say Ninja Turtle. The others are simply green and have accessories in the colors of the Ninja Turtles. Other than the weapons, which are not included in the costume, I see nothing Ninja Turtle about them.
Then there are the women’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These make some sense:

turtles-womensBut what are these? I do like the kimono ones, they are cute, but they don’t say Ninja Turtle to me. And once again, the weapons, which would give you the best clue to being TMNT related, don’t come with the costumes.
turtle-womens1Now we move on to the guys….and all I can really say to all the male TMNT fans out there is…I’m sorry. These are just a joke.