With the release of the newest and final official Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie poster, we here at PopCultHQ wanted to take the fans through a look back in time at all the official movie posters to the beloved Star Wars franchise.


Star Wars was just barely a screenplay written by George Lucas in 1973. When George was finally able to raise the money to film his unknown space movie, the world had no idea what was in store when they were unleashed in 1977. Expanding into one of the most successful film franchises in history with sequels and spin-offs, the best part of Star Wars universe has always been the amazing artwork for all their official movie posters. Let’s take a look through time at the fantastic works that have been the official US released movie posters.

These are only the major US releases – there’s a number of variants and entirely new posters that came out for other countries around the world which are not spotlighted here.

VHS and DVD covers: