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Want To Meet Stan Lee In Canada? Better Do It Quick – Lee Announces The End Of Appearances

Stan Lee, the widely-recognized creator of Marvel Comics, has announced he will soon be ceasing live appearances. “The Man” himself has had a career spanning over 7 decades! But the […]

Pop Cult News

Jack Kirby’s Shakespearean Designs

Jack Kirby is a name that almost anyone remotely interested in comics is familiar with. Dubbed by many as the “King of Comics,” he is the artist responsible for the looks of many of our favorite characters. His worked spanned decades and was appreciated by generations, but one interesting fact that many may not know is that he once designed costuming for the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar. […]

Comic Book News

Topps New Celebrity “First Pitch” Cards: Stan “The Man” Lee, Chris Pratt and Many More!

The Topps Company officially unveiled a new set of First Pitch baseball cards in the new Topps® series two baseball set, a 350-card base set that combined with February’s Topps® […]