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See the Latest Lego Batman Trailer – Coming to Theaters Feb. 10

Coming to theaters February 10th is your favorite superhero and the only one that truly matters (at least in his mind). In the meantime Batman seem to be having some problems adjusting to having family life. Having Robin around is just making things a little awkward for him. […]


The LEGO Arkham Asylum From Batman Is A Reality!

An 18,000-piece LEGO set recreating the iconic Arkham Asylum from the DC Universe (comics and film), has been built in awe-inspiring fashion.  Australian builder “Forgotten Days” (on Flickr) spent over […]

Comic Books

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Trailer

The DC Animated Movie Universe has always excelled with great storylines and given us some characters yet to be seen in the DC Cinematic Movie Universe.  Just released is a video […]