Action Lab Danger Zone 5 Years
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[Spotlight] Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone Imprint Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary!

Action Lab Entertainment made its initial entry into the comic book industry in 2011. The indie publisher quickly gained recognition for their all-ages offerings, especially the fantasy adventure series Princeless and […]

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[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone’s MISBEGOTTEN (Vol. 1): RUNAWAY NUN TPB – Consult a Psychiatrist/Spiritual Mentor Before Reading

MISBEGOTTEN VOLUME ONE: Blade Runner meets The Da Vinci Code In a post-apocalyptic world turned medieval, the Church sends their top monk warrior to infiltrate a renegade scientist’s enclave and save a […]

Comic Previews

[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone’s 9/20 Release: MISBEGOTTEN: RUNAWAY NUN #1

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment‘s Danger Zone imprint has the highly-anticipated debut of MISBEGOTTEN: RUNAWAY NUN. What if Marilyn Monroe fell in love with Jesus of Nazareth and tried to save […]