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[Convention] SDCC: Action Lab Announces Exclusives & Signings for Comic Con International: San Diego 2019

Action Lab Entertainment & Action Lab: Danger Zone’s SDCC 2019 Exclusives Action Lab Entertainment and their Action Lab: Danger Zone imprint has several exclusive covers and other items that will be available […]

Comic Previews

[Preview] Watch Mysteries Unfold at Dollington Academy in Action Lab’s TOYETICA Vol. 2 TPB by Marty LeGrow & Justin Birch

TOYETICA VOLUME 2: Big mysteries unraveling at Dollington Academy! Kid’s toys continue to compete for action figure fame at Dollington Academy in the second volume of TOYETICA at Action Lab […]

Comic Previews

[Preview] Action Lab Entertainment’s 12/13 Release: TOYETICA Vol. 1 TP by Marty LeGrow #NCBD

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment has the volume one trade paperback of TOYETICA. Writer/artist M. Alice “Marty” LeGrow brings this all-ages series about toy dolls to life in a fun and unique […]