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[Comic Book News] 10 Days, 3 Releases! Brian Maruca & Jim Rugg’s STREET ANGEL is Bringing the Action This April/May

STREET ANGEL PULLS A HAT TRICK: THREE RELEASES IN 10 DAYS Writer Brian Maruca (Afrodisiac) and co-writer/artist Jim Rugg (The Plain Janes, Afrodisiac) have an action-packed April/May this year with Image Comics: an Image Firsts […]

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Jesse Sanchez is Back This Halloween in STREET ANGEL: SUPERHERO FOR A DAY by Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca

HOMELESS NINJA HEROINE RETURNS IN STREET ANGEL: SUPERHERO FOR A DAY An all-new STREET ANGEL story arrives this Halloween Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez knows the pressure of being the girl who always saves […]

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Image Comics: Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca’s STREET ANGEL: AFTER SCHOOL KUNG FU SPECIAL Hardcover GN Coming in April

STREET ANGEL, THE DEADLIEST GIRL ALIVE, COMES TO IMAGE COMICS Teenage homeless ninja skater STREET ANGEL gets a new hardcover this April Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez, of webcomic fame, will […]