Spock Vegas – The Ultimate Spock Impersonator

spcok vegasPaul ‘Spock Vegas’ Forest has been seen across North America at conventions and fundraisers. The 6’8” Toronto actor has become a regular face across the Internet, especially since the death of Leonard Nimoy.

Paul has the same sharp angles and tall narrow frame as Leonard Nimoy, but he didn’t realize how much he looked like him until he did a Star Trek convention around 2011. At that point everyone told him he was the best Spock they had seen in 40 years.spock vegas2

After that he began traveling and performing for tips across Canada and the West Coast of the U.S. Once Spock Vegas was formed he began covering paid gigs and attending conventions as a professional Spock Impersonator.

You can hire him on GigSalad, where he describes himself:

I am Spock from the Original TV series. Blue shirt, phaser, communicator, tricorder.
I do COMEDY, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes on Star Trek subjects (my equipment, Kirk, Scotty, Bones, the Enterprise, the green Orion slave girls, etc).
I also greet visitors and clients at convention booths, for products aimed at nerds and geeks.
I also sing most Elvis songs as Spock, as an option, to complement the presentation or the show.
I also can take part in a Trekkie wedding ceremony and party.
I also am a highly logical Roulette expert and teach people how to play and how to win using a multitude of techniques I invented.

spock vegas1Before he discovered his similarity to Mr. Nimoy he was a self-described “roulette strategist,” who believed that if you played it right you could beat it. He’s come a long way since then and hopefully he continues to Live Long and Prosper in true Vulcan fashion. spock vegas3

Unfortunately due to Facebook, scammers and whiners it looks like our favorite Spock impersonator may have to find himself a new home. Like many artists before him, he has been caught by the social media giants policy of providing a ‘real name’ and proof of identity. This means that he will be losing both his personal and professional pages within the week, unless he changes his Social Media identity to reflect his legal identification AND he can get Facebook to accept it.

Courtesy of Spock Vegas Facebook Page
Courtesy of Spock Vegas Facebook Page

Good luck Mr. Forest