[Shopping] ‘Tis the Season for Geekery #1

Laird of Cosplay props

November is here and that means shopping season. Unfortunately, shop shelves are looking thin and millions of dollars of merchandise are sitting on cargo ships waiting to be unloaded. Why not avoid this chaos and shop with someone more local? Handcrafted gifts are (almost) always appreciated and you are supporting a crafter.

We are going to run you through a variety of local crafter gifts ranging from the geeky to the practical and some that just make you scratch your head in bewilderment.

Laird of Cosplay Props

A crafter of high quality, lightweight items for cosplay and gaming.

Starro Victim Mask – $75

Abstract Viking Shield – $73

Pug the Mimic Dice Roller – $80

Check out a few of his other items:

Stay tuned for more shops in the near future.

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