[Second Printing] Image Comics’ DEATH OR GLORY #1 Races Back to Printers to Meet Demand

Death or Glory #1


New York Times bestselling writer Rick Remender (DEADLY CLASS, SEVEN TO ETERNITY, LOW, BLACK SCIENCE, FEAR AGENT) and legendary superstar artist Bengal’s high-octane new series—DEATH OR GLORY—is headed at high speed back to print at Image Comics in order to keep up with massive customer demand.

Death or Glory #1 - Second Printing cover
Death or Glory #1 – Second Printing cover

In DEATH OR GLORY, readers meet Glory, raised off the grid in a convoy amid truckers—the last men and women fighting for true freedom on the American open road. Now, in order to pay for her beloved dying Father’s surgery, Glory has three days to pull off four dangerous cross-country heists with mob killers, crooked cops, and a psycho ex-husband all out to bring her in or die trying.

DEATH OR GLORY is a compulsively readable high-speed chase across the American West that exposes society’s dwindling freedoms and the price paid by those who fight for an untethered life.

Select praise for DEATH OR GLORY:
“A cocktail that’s equal parts Smokey and the BanditNo Country for Old Men
Unique and inspired. You won’t find anything like it on the shelves of your local comic store.” —The Oregonian
“Feels like the start of a Coen Brothers flick—Fast, slick, dark, and brutal,
Death or Glory is our new obsession.” —Nerdist
Death or Glory is definitely a high-octane speed chase of a story with plenty of shootouts, but it’s also a reflection on what it means to live as part of the invisible underclass and how expensive poverty can be.” —io9
“A near-perfect graphic experience.” —Bleeding Cool
“We always love seeing a new creator-owned series from writer Rick Remender. That’s both because Remender seems like an endless well of high-concept science fiction ideas and because he has a habit of working with some of the best artists in the industry. Both qualities are in full effect with Death or Glory…Above all, we’re thrilled to see French artist Bengal tackling a long-form American comics project. This promises to be a gorgeous comic.” —IGN
DEATH OR GLORY #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAR188743) and DEATH OR GLORY #2 Cover A by Bengal (Diamond Code APR180579), DEATH OR GLORY #2 Cover B by Totino (Diamond Code APR180580), DEATH OR GLORY #2 Cover C virgin (Diamond Code MAR188705) will hit stores on Wednesday, June 6th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 14th.



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