#SDCC2017: Heroes Unite In The ‘Justice League’ Trailer

One of the most highly anticipated trailers to come out of San Diego Comic Con this weekend is for this fall’s Justice League movie, and it has certainly not disappointed. This is the super-powered team-up DC fans have been waiting for for several years, particularly since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year when a majority of the league members were introduced.

The movie seemingly picks up not long after the event of Batman v Superman, with the world still mourning the death of Superman when he sacrificed himself to defeat Doomsday. Batman has been missing in action as well, and Wonder Woman has returned to her day job of museum worker. However, a new threat arises in the form of Steppenwolf and an army of Parademons, causing Bruce Wayne to call together Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and The Flash to stop them. The Green Lantern is also mentioned, but not seen. We see Themyscira and the Amazons, so it seems likely that they will join the fight as well.

There is a tease at the end of the trailer, where Alfred is approached by someone off-camera that he was told to expect, but he hopes that it’s not too late.

There is no doubt that Warner Brothers is to repeat the success of this summer’s Wonder Woman after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were not so well received by fans. They appear to be finding the right balance of action, seriousness, and humor, with much of the latter to The Flash and Alfred.

Justice League will debut in theaters November 17.

Does this trailer have you pumped for the release of Justice League? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!