#SDCC2017 – CONAN at Comic-Con: The Cast of “Bright” | The Stars of “Supernatural”

On Wednesday, July 19th, Conan returned LIVE
from Comic-Con International: San Diego with
the cast of Netflix’s Bright & the stars of Supernatural!

Conan’s “Wonder Woman” Cold Open:

When Conan’s ride to San Diego doesn’t pan out,
he finds the nearest vintage German plane…

#ConanCon Monologue 07/19/17:

Conan kicks off his first night in San Diego with a Comic-Con®-themed monologue
about Game of Thrones, Quidditch, and Ed Sheeran.

Donate Your Body To The Brony Glue Factory:

When it comes to burial options, only one choice makes sense for a life-long Brony.

Conan Takes The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test:

When it comes to comic books, superhero movies, sci-fi, fantasy and all things
Comic-Con®, there is literally no bigger expert than Conan O’Brien.

Will Smith: “Bright” Is “Training Day” Meets “Lord Of The Rings”:

“Bright” will only be streaming on Netflix,  so Will plans
to stop by people’s houses and watch them watch it over their shoulders.

Joel Edgerton: People Never Stop Screaming For Will Smith:

Joel drove around the streets of L.A. looking like a reptile for “Bright,”
but the only thing people seemed to notice was Will Smith.


Noomi Rapace’s Filthy Favorite Song:

The “Bright” cast bonded over “Heels On,”
a sexually explicit reggae song from Noomi’s music library.


Jensen Ackles Would Take A Bullet For Jared Padalecki:

Jensen would have no problem jumping in front of a Nerf gun for Jared.


Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki On A “Supernatural/Arrow” Crossover:

Stephen Amell wants to do a “Supernatural/Arrow” crossover,
but he hasn’t quite convinced Jensen and Jared.


Jared Padalecki’s Birthday Keg Stand:

It’s acceptable to do a keg stand in two places: at a fraternity and on CONAN.






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