[SDCC 2018] Wannabe Press Announces Exclusives & Creators for Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018

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Everything you need to know about Wannabe Press at SDCC!

Russell Nohelty of Wannabe Press has a spectacular line-up for this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018. Whether it’s comics, graphic novels, anthologies, or merchandise, Nohelty will have a fantastic line-up of items showcasing all the great things being put out by Wannabe Press. Plus, Russell will be joined by creator Angela Oddling at SDCC, is offering a Doctor Who swag pack giveaway, and a FREE preview of Cthulhu is Hard to Spell! For all the details, keep reading to hear from the man himself! And be sure to visit Wannabe Press and Russell Nohelty at Small Press Booth K-03!


ZOMG!!! San Diego Comic-Con is finally here. Every year I say I’m not going to get super excited, and then every year I get super excited.

For me, this is the Super Bowl of my year. Everything gears up for this one week. This is my fourth year exhibiting, and every year I blow way too much money to make sure my table is awesome.

And this year I have outdone myself!

So sit back and check out all the awesomeness that we’ll be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

If you’re coming, I hope to see you there at Small Press Booth K-03. If you’re not coming, hopefully you’ll be able to at least sit back and bask in the glow of San Diego, and hopefully I’ll see you next year!

Where are we on the show floor?

DA FAQ are we at SDCC?

In the small press pavilion.

Where the fuck is that?

It’s all the way in the back, by the elevators to go upstairs.

Just head through entrance B2, walk past DC on your left and hang a right at the ONI booth, and the small press pavilion will be right in front of you.

Take that to the last aisle of Small Press, K, and BOOM, there we are, hanging out next to WARHEAD, and their BRIGHT GREEN table.

It’s at the end of row 1500. If you hit the webcomics area, you’ve gone too far. It will be the area that has almost no traffic, because most people don’t know it exists.


Maybe they will hang a banner, maybe not. It’s a crap shoot.


Angela Oddling is one of the creators from the Monsters and Other Scary Shit anthology and the upcoming Cthulhu is Hard to Spell anthology. Plus, I’m working with her on a new project called Lucifer Licorice.

She’ll be at my booth all weekend signing books and showing off our new project.

Come say hello. This is her first time on the west coast and I want her to feel welcomed by all of our awesome fans!


You’ve read the preview, now come and check out the softcover proof of the book. Hold all 176 pages of awesomeness in your hand, comprising 35 Lovecraftian stories!

What? You haven’t read the preview. Then head here to check it out before the show!

Cthulhu is Hard to Spell preview

It’s coming to Kickstarter on September 4th to help us print the book in glorious hardcover, but you can touch it before it launches at San Diego!


One of my fave artists of all time is Angela Oddling. If you’ve read our anthologies, she’s been in both, along with having pinups in both Katrina Hates Dead Shit and Pixie Dust.

I was so excited when she asked me to co-create her new series Lucifer Licorice with her. Not only that, but she’ll be at the show for you to meet! We’ll have exclusive prints AND ashcans from the book, and Angela will be bringing some of her other artwork!


I’ve been working on a new comic book called Sophia October: Goth For Hire with artist Erik Lervold for over a year. Erik and I have worked on two anthologies together, and we decided to make a go at working on a full comic.

Emily the Strange and generally pastel goth has been a huge influence on my work. Both focus on cute meets creepy, and this is the culmination of that for me. It’s about a Puerto Rican immigrant with who has to balance her religious mother, school, and her job as a paranormal investigator. I love it so much. We’ll have an ashcan at the show for you to check out, too!


I am bringing my last three boxes of Ichabod to SDCC. While it’s possible we will reprint in the future, right now I have NO PLANS to reprint Ichabod in any format. So, if you want to snag Ichabod in hardcover, this is your LAST CHANCE!


We’ve given sneak peaks at our pin sets in Vegas and Omaha, but SDCC is the official debut of our new pin line!

Digital Download Cards! 

We’ll also have digital download cards of ALL our books, but you can also buy them by clicking any of the covers below!

Anthologies in Preorder

Cinderella has a dark secret. The Little Mermaid loses more than her voice. And Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore.

Join our heroes and heroines as they travel through the underworld to Mars, rescue damsels in distress, and battle deadly foes in ONCE UPON A REBEL FAIRYTALE, a limited edition collection of beloved stories from today’s bestselling authors.

Inside these pages, you’ll find 22 action-packed fairytale retellings that rebel against tradition, from dark and gritty paranormal romances to sexy and thrilling supernatural fantasies.

Currently up for preorder on ibooks, Kobo, and Nook! Coming soon to Amazon.

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If you have ever wanted an in-depth look at how a writer creates a book, specifically me, whether you are a writer yourself or just a fan, I’ve created a special clubhouse where you can see inside my brain for a small monthly fee.

In return, you’ll get exclusive sneak peaks, first drafts of books, and I’ll even open my vault to you and show old scripts I’ve never shown anybody before!

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Giveaway for you! 

Whether you are going to the show or not, everybody can enjoy a cool free giveaway, right? I’m giving away an awesome Doctor Who swag pack along with 20 of the coolest authors in sci-fi!

Enter NOW!

That’s it for this week. I hope to see you at the show. If not, then I hope you enjoyed this little preview of what we have coming up in the next few months!

I am super excited for 2019!!!! Not only will we have all these amazing books launching, but we’ll also be releasing 18 new novels from me!

It’s going to be a crazy year. I hope you are ready!

If you got this far, let me know what you are excited about for the rest of 2018!

For me, I’m more excited about the Cthulhu is Hard to Spell Kickstarter, dropping September 4th on Kickstarter. Over 60 creators helped created 35 stories for the book, and I’m thrilled to bring it to you in the coming months!


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