[Recap] Impact Wrestling (3/9): The Final Stop Before ‘Sacrifice’ PPV

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the
Impact Wrestling show from March 9th, 2021***

This past Tuesday, March 9th, was Impact Wrestling‘s take-home show for their mini pay-per-view (PPV) Sacrifice, which will air on Saturday, March 13. Impact Wrestling features special episodes for Impact Plus members between their main PPV shows. The next one being Rebellion, which airs on April 24, 2021.  

Sacrifice will have a decent card and all the titles will be up for grabs. This article will focus on the crossover storyline with Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers and what could happen to them this Saturday.

After an “explosive” conclusion to Revolution, the Good Brothers still have unfinished business to deal with at home on Impact. Ever since the NJPW tag team of Finjuice debuted on Impact, the Good Brothers have been flaunting their tag team belts and poking fun at the team. When they wrestled in Japan years ago, the Good Brothers were Finjuice’s mentors. The Good Brothers are still treating them like children and Finjuice has had enough.

Impact Sacrifice

Both teams tried to team up in an 8-man tag team match last week. Though they won, the whole match was nothing more than both teams trying to show off for each other. After the match, the Good Brothers and Finjuice were arguing backstage. During the argument, the Good Brothers put their belts against Finjuice at Sacrifice. At the take-home episode, both teams had to sit down and sign a contract to make the match official.

The two teams were on opposite sides of the table with Impact Vice President, Scott D’amore, in the middle with paper in-hand. The Good Brothers wouldn’t stop bullying Finjuice (or stop drinking). Scott got up and said that he “has been down this road once or twice and knows how this will end.” He pleaded with both teams to sign, and then he walked out. As they were about to sign, Finjuice ask for one final shot, impressing the Good Brothers. Finjuice asked to pour the drinks, then filled their cups to the top. Both teams finally signed the contract, the Good Brothers drank, and then Finjuice threw their drinks into the Good Brothers’ eyes. Immediately, there was a fight inside the office.  

This will be the co-event match on Sacrifice and no doubt this will be an exciting bout to watch. Ever since AEW, Impact, and NJPW collaborated, this is the first real storyline anyone from NJPW have been in. My prediction is the Good Brothers will retain their title belts. My reasoning is that Finjuice’s stay on Impact is only temporary. They have been exciting to watch on American TV, but they have to head back to NJPW. Also everyone in the Elite are title holders and believe they are the best in the world. As the Good Brothers continue to butt heads with the Young Bucks, that small rivalry will hopefully lead to proving who is really the best tag team in the world. For those reasons, the Good Brothers will win at Sacrifice.

Weekly on Impact, AEW’s CEO Tony Khan has bought ad space to promote AEW. These segments are always very entertaining and funny. It gives the Impact viewers a chance to see what to look forward to on AEW Dynamite. This time, it was more of a serious tone. Tony stated that even though Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world, he is terrible at building exploding rings. The explosion wasn’t enough to harm anyone, but on Dynamite, Eddie Kingston will explain what happened. Eddie Kingston is one of the best talkers in the wresting industry and no doubt they wanted him to be the one to address the situation. 

Impact Sacrifice

In Impact, the two world title holders, Rich Swann (Impact World Champion) and Moose (TNA World Champion) have been feuding for months. Moose has been holding the “fake” belt and wanted to get his hands on Swann and become the real world champion he believes he is. Moose has been interrupting matches every week to call out Swann and have a world title match. Scott D’Amore had enough of this, and two weeks ago he made the TNA Belt official. At the end of this episode, Scott was in his office talking to someone off-screen. Moose made his way out to the ring and interrupted again, demanding Scott come out and give him the news. Scott made his way to the ring, bringing Rich Swann with him. Moose and Swann’s world title match will be the main event at Sacrifice. Scott wants his company to only have one world champion. He announced that whoever wins at Sacrifice, they will be the unified world champion. If that wasn’t huge news already, Scott said whoever wins at Sacrifice will go on to Rebellion and face off the AEW Champion, Kenny Omega in a title-for-title match!    

It is difficult to predict who will win this on,e because ultimately the prediction is Kenny Omega will win the Impact Championship and add it to his “collection.” Could Rich Swann be the winner? He has been Impact’s Champion for months and has a lot of charisma.  Swann and Kenny have both called each other out. Could it be Moose who emerges victorious?  Moose has been the most protected wrestler in Impact and already carries himself as a champion. His hate for Swann might be enough to defeat Swann. Assuming that Kenny will win the Impact belt at Rebellion, my prediction is that Swann will retain his championship. It will be a way to still protect Moose and make him look good in defeat. It would not be right for Moose to win the Impact belt and then to lose it a month later to Kenny.  

Before the show ends, Don Callis, Kenny’s manager, was revealed as the other person in the office. He was on the phone with Kenny stating, “It’s done. Just like we planned.” 

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