[Recap] AEW Dynamite (4/14)

AEW Dynamite 4-14 feature

Written by Shining Polaris


AEW Dynamite aired on Wednesday, April 14th. This is the first Wednesday where they did not air against NXT.

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers
for AEW’s Dynamite from April 14th, 2021***

The Young Bucks started off the show with a promo explaining their actions last week. They chose friendship. They thanked Jon Moxley for pushing them over the edge and agreed with Don Callis that they needed to change. They were too nice and too content, it’s time to bring the Old Young Bucks back, and become the better versions of themselves.

The Young Bucks and the Death Triangle were first up, and was for the Tag Team Titles. Death Triangle made their entrance, then The Young Bucks came through the heel tunnel with Don Callis behind them. They had a totally new look, they were dressed in fur and silver without tassels. The Young Bucks were obnoxiously showing off their Dior Jordans. Throughout the match the camera panned to the crowd showing the faces of some of the big tag teams in the division, all were watching the “new” Young Bucks. Pac hit his Black Arrow onto Matt Jackson, which would normally finish the match. Fenix was blocking Nick Jackson from helping his brother so he pushed Fenix onto Pac, breaking the pin. The Death Triangle put up a hard fight, and the Young Bucks had to dig deep to beat them. Nick ripped the mask off Fenix (in Luchador culture, the wrestler never reveals his face) and Fenix tried to cover up his face, blinding himself as The Young Bucks superkicked him. Nick then pinned him for the win. The Young Bucks retain their championship.

AEW Dynamite 4-14 Young Bucks

Alex Marvez was backstage asking Adam Page about the Elite. Adam Page is currently the top contender for the AEW World Championship. He used to be part of the Bullet Club/Elite until he lost the tag team titles and started drinking heavily, forcing The Young Bucks to kick him out of the club. Page found friendship in the Dark Order and has never mentioned the Elite. He ignored Marvez’s questions about Kenny Omega reuniting the Elite and spoke about John Silver’s recovery progress instead. He left the interview asking the Dark Order if they want to grab food.

This was an interesting segment because ever since Adam Page left the Elite, neither has mentioned the other. The fact he ignored the question entirely hints he may never want to return. It could also be the set-up for his journey to the title. He had an amazing match with Kenny Omega at Full Gear and fans are ready to see a rematch. He is also the favorite to eventually beat Kenny for the title. The big question is would this unite The Elite or break Page off from them forever?

Alex Marvez was outside trying to get a word with the Elite when Don Callis grabbed the mic and pushed him out of the way. Don let the viewers know they hadn’t seen anything yet, it was only the beginning of their story. The group has changed since they arrived to AEW and according to Omega, they changed because they were sick of the fans telling them how to act and wanted to be their real selves. “Wherever they go, the gold will follow.” Matt Jackson said The Young Bucks are back and the tag team division has been put on notice. Don Callis ended the segment by saying “be prepared to be surprised again.”

Don gave another great promo, and hinted again of more things to come, leaving fans wondering what the surprise is. Some of Japan’s Bullet Club are currently in the states and there is speculation about Kota Ibushi, since he lost the IWGP Heavyweight title. With the Impact Wrestling PPV Rebellion airing next weekend, we may have answers. After Kenny Omega’s predicted win over Rich Swann, who will he feud with next?

Chris Jericho was with the Inner Circle before his match and Alex Marvez asked about his rivalry against Mike Tyson. Jericho said he called Tyson because he owed him an apology, Tyson was in the industry for 30 years, the same as Jericho, and they had a lot in common. Tyson accepted the apology and said to Jericho if you need anything, he will be there.

Chris Jericho was with his Inner Circle while Dax Hardwood was with Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard. The referee only allowed one person per side; Jericho chose Sammy Guevara and Dax choose Cash. Mike Tyson was the special enforcer of the night and roamed outside the ring to make sure both sides kept it clean. Jericho hit Dax with his Lion Tamer Submission and Dax looked ready to tap out, but Cash hit Jericho in the head, breaking the hold. Sammy attacked Cash outside. Dax did his Brain Buster onto Jericho, pinning him, but Jericho kicked out and used his last ounce of energy to hit the Code Breaker onto Dax, but failed the pin. The Pinnacle came out and attacked the Inner Circle. During the confusion, Cash grabbed Jericho’s bat to hit him, but Tyson stopped him with a face punch, knocking Cash out. Dax tried to attack Jericho again, but Sammy distracted him, leaving an opening for Jericho to land his Judas Effect on Dax, winning the match. Inner Circle won their first match against The Pinnacle. They were celebrating in the ring as Wardlow carried the knocked-out Cash on his shoulders.

AEW Dynamite 4-14 inner circle

Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy was the main event and was for the TNT Championship. This was a No Disqualification and Fall Counts Anywhere stipulation. Darby Allin, the lone wolf, had no one in his corner. Matt Hardy, the leader of the HFO, had Private Party and the Butcher and the Blade on his side. It wasn’t long before HFO tried to interfere, then the match was all over the place. HFO tried to attack Darby outside of the ring, so The Dark Order ran outside to help Darby. Sting calmly walked out with his bat and attacked both members of Private Party. Shortly after, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page came out. They wanted to attack Darby Allin, but Lance Archer came out and got in the way. Archer wanted to face-off against Sting, trying to intimidate Sting by putting Isaiah Kassidy through the Black Out.

Back in the ring, Matt was screaming at Sting, who threw his bat to Darby. Matt begged Darby to not hit him, then as Darby approached, Matt hit a low blow. Matt placed Darby’s head into a chair and hit his Twist of Fate finisher, but Darby kicked out of it. Matt, frustrated, grabbed a ladder, picked Darby up, climbed the ladder, and tossed him through the table below. Matt then pinned Darby and Darby kicked out again and managed to grab Sting’s bat, which he used on his opponent. He cleared the announcer desk, placed Matt on top of it, then climbed the rafter. At about 20 feet above the ground, he landed his Coffin Drop onto Matt and pinned Matt for the win. Darby retains his TNT Championship.

AEW Dynamite 4-14

Other Events that Happened During Dynamite:

  • Jade Cargil defeats Red Velvet.
  • Anthony Ogogo won his first match and The Factory debuted.
  • Team Taz was angry that Christian Cage did not answer them on whether or not he want to join them. Christian said no. Taz sent Will Hobbs to beat up Christian.
  • Dr. Britt Baker announcing her rise up the ranks, and she soon will be the next AEW Women’s Champion.
  • Miro was not happy that Kip Sabian left him after the Arcade Anarchy match and never spoke to him since.
  • Kris Statlander won her match after a year-long absence against Amber Nova.

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