Quick And Easy Halloween Costuming: Waldo, Wenda and Carmen Sandiego

Halloween is quickly approaching. Whether you need a quick and easy costume for a party, or you just want to greet the kids at the door, we’ve got a few simple ideas for you.

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Waldo and Wenda

Popular characters from the “Where’s Waldo?” book series that are quick, easy and comfortable. The key components for this are dark rimmed glasses, the iconic red and white striped shirt and blue lower half. For the lower half you can wear skirt, pants, shorts or even blue jeans. You don’t need to worry about too much else if you have the shirt, you can even skip the glasses.

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen has two truly distinct features-  a large hat and the scarlet red outfit. The hat always has a hat band, originally it was yellow, but then later it was also seen in black. When she had a yellow hat band, she wore a matching yellow scarf. Carmen is best known for the long red trenchcoat, but as long as you have a red hat and coat/jacket you should be able to get away with it. If you are lucky enough to find a scarlet coat at a thrift shop or on sale, then you are several steps ahead of the game.

Keep in mind that she doesn’t always wear the coat.