Quick And Easy Halloween Costuming: The Flash

You just got invited to a Halloween party, or find yourself playing room mom to the classroom party, either way you need a quick and easy costume. Here is a simple, classic and recognizable costume that is kid-friendly. You might even be able to toss this together from your closet or with a quick trip to the thrift store or your local Walmart.

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The Flash

You don’t need to wear spandex to portray a superhero, in fact Flash is probably one of the easiest to do straight from your closet. If you get the basics, then people still know who this character is.

Classic Barry Allen version – If you have red clothing, dress in red and stick a lightning bolt logo on your chest, maybe even get creative and draw bolts around your wrist too.

Classic Jay Garrick version – This is the easiest of the classic versions. A pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve red shirt are the basics for the costume, you then paint, draw or even pin a yellow lightning bolt down the front of it and you are set.

If you want to do a helmet then check out this tutorial by Speed Force on a paper mache one they created.

Jay Garrick Helmet by Speed Force

Classic Kid Flash version – Very similar to the classic Barry Allen, however he has a yellow top with a red bolt reminiscent of Jay Garrick.

The current TV versions, kept the same colors, but lost the simplicity. Unless you already have a jacket, odds are pretty good you can’t just pull it together out of your closet.

If you want to go really easy on your flash costume then you can probably run to your nearest Walmart to find a Flash T-shirt

or better yet pick yourself up this comfortable Flash onesie and you are good to go.