Queen Elsa Released Due to Lack of Evidence

Disney better keep a better leash on their characters.

Last week the police in Harlan, Kentucky issued an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa of Arendelle. She was cited as extremely dangerous. They, however, have been unable to locate and apprehend her.

She has been busily fleeing the law as she spreads her bitter cold across the country, dumping snow and ice on unsuspecting citizens.

This week the police in Hanahan, SC caught her in the act as she was in the process of freezing a fountain. The arrest was made by Police Chief Mike Cochran and Officer Flor Reyes. Unfortunately she was released due to lack of evidence, as it had all melted before she could be brought to trial.

Once again she is is on the loose and causing havoc with her wintery blasts.

The publicity event was set up by Julie Calafiore of Glass Slipper Productions as a photo shoot with Courtney Fazley as the Queen of Cold and photographer Tammy Sakalas of Sakalas Photography.