On Saturday, May 4th, Valiant Entertainment is celebrating Free Comic Book Day 2019 with a special giveaway issue featuring Bloodshot with a prelude story to May 1st’s release of FALLEN WORLD! Plus! Interviews with BLOODSHOT’s Tim Seeley, FALLEN WORLD’s Dan Abnett, and Fred Van Lente of the upcoming PSI-LORDS!

Here’s a look at the #FCBD release from Valiant on Free Comic Book Day!



Written by Tim Seeley, Dan Abnett
Art by Tomás Giorello, Juan José Ryp
Colors by Diego Rodriguez, Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by Dave Sharpe, Jeff Powell

Cover by Dan Brereton

Available May 4, 2019 
$0.00 | 32 pgs. | T+ | Full Color

Prepare yourself as the most ambitious moment in Valiant’s history launches forward with two original stories, exclusive to Free Comic Book Day 2019!

Before Sony’s live-action BLOODSHOT blockbuster film takes movie theaters around the globe by storm in 2020, discover a breathtaking new tale of Valiant’s brutal one-man army!

Then, the 41st century dawns anew with a pulse-pounding prologue to FALLEN WORLD, a shocking new event series starring Rai—the formidable protector of a future Earth— that launches just days before Free Comic Book Day!


Publisher – Valiant Entertainment