[Preview] Shianndrea’s Journey Continues This September in SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS: THE LIGHTNING ONI

Soars into Stores This September

The coming of age tale of Shianndrea returns in epic fashion on September 13 with SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS: THE LIGHTNING ONI, created by Memphis native Martheus Wade.

An action-adventure story in the vein of Japanese anime, called a cross between NARUTO and the television show RIVERDALE, SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS: THE LIGHTNING ONI continues the saga of Shianndrea from her unique perspective as a teenage girl battling with the demands of her destiny as a ninja prodigy.

Writer: Martheus Wade
Artists: Martheus Wade (Pencils), Janet Wade (Inks, Color assists), Gene Fayne (Colors)
Cover Artists: Martheus Wade and Gene Fayne 
32 pgs./ E / FC
Ninja vs. Monster action is back! After the capture and narrow escape of fourteen year-old ninja-in-training, Shainndrea, the Toshigawa Ninja Clan has been forced to move to a new secret base further on the outskirts of Osaka. The evil Red Dragon has taken leadership of the rival Azumi Ninja Clan and is determined to fulfill the contract to capture Shianndrea at any and all costs. Now, with her new commanders in place, the stage is set for the Red Dragon to reveal her most powerful Oni yet, Yawata, the embodiment of war with the powers of lightning. However, Yawata has his own agenda and capture is the furthest from his mind.

Published by Action Lab Entertainment, SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS: THE LIGHTNING ONI is the second volume of the SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS series. The previous volume has appeared nationwide in schools via Scholastic Book Fairs and was nominated for Best Southern Comic Book by the Mid-South Science Fiction Association.

The SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS series has been praised for its refreshing take on the hero’s journey and gender roles. Appealing to fans of all-ages and backgrounds, the SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS series has found a home particularly in the minds of young female comic book fans.

What people are saying about Shinobi Ninja Princess:

“The story would be fun enough for parent and child alike, achieving that uncommon bridge between generations.” – Graphic Policy

“The character interactions are really enjoyable, the action was nice and the ending really gets the reader interested by hinting that things are only going to be ramping up from here.” – The Broken Infinite


SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS: THE LIGHTNING ONI #1 is now available for pre-order with the Diamond Previews code JUL171260. You can view preview pages 7-11 from the first issue below:

About Martheus Wade
Wade, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, has illustrated for BLOODSTREAM for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, CHAOS CAMPUS for Approbation Comics, and Andrew Dabb’s SLICES, among many others.Recently, he has worked on titles such as ACTION MAN for Hasbro and the Marvel Comics Masterpiece Card Series, and he illustrated, wrote, and produced a comic book crossover called JETTA/SHI: ARROW OF DESTINY with his character, Jetta, and William Tucci’s Shi. Wade’s creator-owned graphic novels “JETTA: TALES OF THE TOSHIGAWA” and “TURRA: GUN ANGEL have been licensed for motion pictures.His work has been used for the movie ROLE MODELS from Universal Pictures as well as for the instructional DVD and book HI-FI DIGITAL COLOR FOR COMICS II, available from IMPACT Publishing.

Wade resides in Memphis with his wife, Janet, who is the co-colorist and inker for the SHINOBI NINJA PRINCESS series, and son, Anakin.

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*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment