Arriving this Wednesday, October 4th on New Comic Book Day
is the final issue from the brand-new volume of Aspen Comics cyber-punk tech team: BUBBLEGUN! 

Creator and writer Mark Roslan (Broken Pieces) is joined by
penciler Angel Tovar & Marco Lorenzana and colorist Federico Blee
on the hot sci-fi, action adventure series of the summer!
Strap yourselves in because BUBBLEGUN is gonna take you on a wild ride!

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Here’s your preview from Aspen MLT! #NCBD



BubbleGun #5 – Cover A by Angel Tovar
BubbleGun #5 – Cover C by Angel Tovar
BubbleGun #5 – Cover B by Martin Abel

BUBBLEGUN #5 of 5 (Vol. 2) 

Writer: Mark Roslan

Angel Tovar & Marco Lorenzana

Colors: Federico Blee

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Cover Artists:
Angel Tovar & Martin Abel


BubbleGun reached its high tech finale!

In order to stop the Nectar drug from mass distribution across the city, the BubbleGun crew sets out on what could be their final mission! The team stares down insurmountable odds amidst a final stand against Drazic, along with his legion of deadly security bots led by their traitorous former teammate, Roman. Can they stop Drazic’s dream of a new world order?!



FC/32 pages/$3.99
In stores October 4th, 2017!

BUBBLEGUN #5 can be pre-ordered now on comiXology
or at your local comic shop and online retailers Wednesday, October 4th!

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