Preview Action Lab: Danger Zone’s 6/21 Release: SPENCER & LOCKE #3

A hard-boiled detective. A brutal murder. And a six-foot-tall imaginary panther.

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment‘s Danger Zone imprint has the third issue of the hit series SPENCER & LOCKE! The hard-boiled crime comic from writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr. bring this twisted nostalgia to life and it is an amazing read!

<Our Spoiler-Free Review of SPENCER & LOCKE #1>

Here’s a look at the covers, storyline and preview pages for this week’s new release from Action Lab: Danger Zone on New Comic Book Day…


New Release for the week of June 21st, 2017


Spencer & Locke #3 – Cover A by Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Spencer & Locke #3 – Cover B by Maan House


David Pepose

Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Jasen Smith

Cover Artists:
Jorge Santiago, Jr. (Cover A)
Maan House (Cover B – limited to 1500 copies)


S.O.S.! S.O.S.! Beaten, drugged and left for dead, things are looking bad for Locke—but unfortunately for his captors, Locke isn’t here anymore. Get ready for a night of psychedelic terror and homicidal violence as Rocketman Reynolds makes his daring escape from Planet X!


What people are saying about Spencer & Locke:

“Dark, powerful and far more poignant than any story about a giant talking panther detective has any right to be, Spencer and Locke is set to become one of the sleeper hits of 2017, and I absolutely cannot wait to see where this story goes next.” (Big Comic Page)

“It might be a love letter to ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and ‘Sin City’ but it stands on its own as a police procedural murder mystery.” (Spartantown)

“SPENCER AND LOCKE #2 is an entertaining and mind-bending homage to CALVIN AND HOBBES that explores the dark nature of childhood.” (ComicsVerse)


32 pgs./ T+ / FC                   $3.99 

*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment