On Wednesday, March 27th, 2510 Press & Half Evil Comics has the premiere issue of the exciting new spinoff series TALES FROM THE WORLD OF MONSTER MATADOR #1!

Tales from the World of Monster Matador #1 gleefully grapples with one of those truly impossible-to-answer pop culture questions… Just who is the silver screen’s Darkest Knight?

Here’s a look at the #NCBD release from
2510 Press & Half Evil Comics this Wednesday!


Tales from the World of Monster Matador #1

Rylend Grant
Steven Prince

Steven Prince (Art/Letters)
Iwan Joko Triyono (Colors)

The near future. The world has been overrun by monsters. Cities have been destroyed, countless lives have been lost. People have come together to try and rebuild, but the monsters are never far. They strike often and with little warning. Fortunately there are those whom have risen to challenge them.

Comic fans have, for ten glorious issues, religiously followed the Monster-mashing exploits of Ramon Alejandro Estevez-Guerrero, the “Monster Matador.” Creator Steven Prince’s brand new Tales from the World of… spinoff series will give readers a parodic peek at what’s happening in other corners of his delightfully demented universe.

“In Issue #1, Monster Matador goes Hollywood” laughs Prince.” A crazed ten-story tall horned beast is laying waste to Century City. After a knotty twist and gnarly turn, every actor who has played a certain ornery caped crusader in a major motion picture – think Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer, & Affleck – is serendipitously inspired to heed a hero’s call. Prince adds, “…we take a tongue-in-cheek look at what happens when folks whom are used to playing heroes are forced to actually become heroes. Needless to say… it doesn’t go terribly well.”

Joining Prince in penning the inaugural issue of the series is Hollywood screenwriter Rylend Grant, best known to comic book enthusiasts as the razor-sharp mind behind the hit action thriller series, Aberrant, for Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint.

“Monster Matador has, for years, been one of my absolute favorite titles on the comic shelf,” says Grant. “It’s smart. It’s funny. It’s ass-kickingly irreverent. It’s like Danny McBride and Jody Hill made a Santo movie and peed on it. When Steve asked me to write a chapter in his story, I honestly almost shat myself. It was a nerd’s dream come true.”

“People talk about Miller, Nolan, Snyder, and Capullo,” says Prince. “Once they read this issue, there’s no doubt they’ll be adding Grant to that list… he didn’t pay me to say that either… I’m serious. He’s pretty good. I mean, definitely decent, at the very least. Stop looking at me like that.”

Future stanzas of Tales from the World of…will turn supporting characters from the original Matador Series into stars – Hobbs & Shaw-style – while the spirited, unabashed lampooning of pop culture icons continues… Duplicant scribe Karla Nappi will pull the curtain back on Angelina Jolie’s international baby-swiping ring and Grant will return for a 90s Fresh Prince-style very special issue.

Grant elaborates, “After a steroid/opiate-induced psychological break, Creed front man Scott Stapp becomes convinced that the monsters tearing up his South Florida vicinage were originally unleashed as part of a vast and wholly perverted conspiracy hatched by the CIA and the Oscar Mayer Wiener Company. It’s obviously inspired by true events. We are in talks now to secure the rights to print lyrics from several of Scott’s greatest Pearl Jam-esque ditties. Hopefully, the Wienermobile makes an appearance or two.”

Seriously?! Well, please, please, please take us higher, Grant and Prince!

Tales From the World of Monster Matador #1 will be available for download March 27th, 2019 via www.monstermatador.com and www.amazon.com. A limited print edition will be available on www.monstermatador.com.

Tales From the World of Monster Matador Trailer


About the Creators:

Steven Prince is a former toy company executive whom has managed and developed toy lines and animation projects for Puppy in My PocketStink Blasters, and Power Buggz. He is the writer and artist of MONSTER MATADOR, INTERGALACDICK, and unemployANT. He lives in Los Angeles.

Follow Steven on Twitter at @thestevenprince and Instagram at @monstermatador

Rylend Grant spent a few wild years as a professional poker player before settling into a more stable, but much slimier career as a screenwriter. He’s worked for a solid decade in Hollywood, developing film and television projects – mostly big, poppy action movies – with folks like JJ Abrams, Ridley Scott, F. Gary Gray, Justin Lin, John Woo, and Luc Besson. His latest effort, a collaboration with and Academy Award winning director Fernando Trueba, is set to begin production this fall.

Rylend is the creator of Aberrant and the upcoming Banjax comic books for Action Lab Entertainment.

Follow Rylend on Twitter at @rylendgrant and Instagram at @rylendgrant

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