PopCultHQ’s Preview Of Ninjak #14 From Valiant Comics – Arrives On 3/9

Valiant Comics’ Ninjak #14 doesn’t hit newsstands until April 16th, we think that date should be marked on your calendar. If you have never read, or heard of Ninjak, this is the time to give it a try. “The Siege of King’s Castle” begins a new jump-off point with a new story arc and an opportunity for new readers to learn about the Valiant Universe’s super-spy.

This issue makes for a great starting point if you haven’t read earlier issues. With a new story arc in place, now is your chance to see what makes Ninjak so spectacular.

Not only is ‘The Siege of King’s Castle’ going to be a decisive turning point in Ninjak’s history, it’s also probably one of the single most gut-wrenching Valiant stories that we’ve told to date,” series editor Tom Brennan said. “This is Ninjak’s Skyfall or Born Again moment –stripped-down, high-stakes storytelling that is going to shatter notions of who and what we thought Ninjak truly was…and leave plenty of wreckage along the way. Roku is about to put Colin King through the meat grinder, and when we see him on the other side, Ninjak’s status in the Valiant Universe is going to change forever.”


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Official release from Valiant Entertainment:

This spring…MI-6’s most dangerous master assassin is outgunned and on the run…as the lethal Roku re-emerges to destroy Colin King’s life from the inside out!

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside NINJAK #14 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE SIEGE OF KING’S CASTLE” from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (4001 A.D.) and explosive artist Diego Bernard (X-O MANOWAR)! On April 16th, the adventures of Valiant’s elite super-spy leap into action here with an ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT pitting Ninjak against a gauntlet of cruelty and deception orchestrated by the one and only Roku – the cunning criminal mastermind with a mysterious tie to his own classified training and origin! As the secrets of their shared past threaten to come roaring back into the light of day, Roku will lead a merciless campaign to destroy every aspect of her sworn enemy’s existence, beginning with the man behind the mask – international financier Colin King! Stripped of the wealth, technology, and resources that he once relied upon, will anything – or anyone – Ninjak ever cared for survive Roku’s soul-shattering onslaught of revenge and retribution?

Colin King, the feared MI-6 intelligence operative codenamed Ninjak, has confronted his past. He’s survived the gauntlet of the Shadow Seven. He’s walked into the Deadside and returned a changed man. Now his greatest trial yet will come to pass as the ruthless assassin called Roku returns to lay siege to Ninjak’s present and future by destroying his identity, his fortune, and his family – and only the death of Colin King will stop her.

In the aftermath of “OPERATION: DEADSIDE”, the next great Valiant epic of 2016 starts here as Matt Kindt and Diego Bernard unleash a game-changing gauntlet of deadly surprises for “THE SIEGE OF KING’S CASTLE” – beginning in NINJAK #14! Featuring covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic (Thor),Mike Choi (X-Force), Jeffrey Veregge (Red Wolf), Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS), Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark), and Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), the darkest days of Colin King’s short and bloodied life are about to begin when “THE SIEGE OF KING’S CASTLE” takes hold…only inNINJAK #14!

Plus: Before Ninjak’s world is torn apart brick by brick, follow his latest international assignment in “THE KILL LIST” – a cloak-and-dagger action epic continuing on March 23rd in X-O MANOWAR #45! Dispatched by MI-6 to dismantle a Vine terror cell before its next devastating attack, Ninjak is re-teaming with Earth’s alien-armored guardian – the unstoppable X-O Manowar – to locate their next target…and terminate with extreme prejudice! New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti(WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) and rising star Robert Gill (BOOK OF DEATH) pit Ninjak and X-O Manowar against the insidious agents of the alien conspiracy that first brought them together for the next can’t-miss chapter of “THE KILL LIST” in X-O MANOWAR #45!

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Written by MATT KINDT
Cover B by MIKE CHOI (FEB161891)
Valiant x CGC Replica Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (FEB161893)
Variant Cover by ANDRES GUINALDO (FEB161894)
Variant Cover by MATT KINDT (FEB161895)
$3.99 | 40 pgs. | T+ | On sale APRIL 6 (FOC – 3/14/16)