PopCultHQ TV Show Review: “Jay Leno’s Garage” – Reality Show

Jay Leno’s Garage


Just as the title entails the new show on CNBC Jay Leno’s Garage is all about Jay Leno the former Tonight Show host and his infamous collection of automobiles found in his enormous garage. A bit of a documentary show with all of Leno’s automobile knowledge, a car enthusiast dream with all the fantastic timeless machines and a bit of celebrity spectacle with all of Jay’s Hollywood connections. On cable TV CNBC the show is aired without censorship and that makes the comedy much more childish or entertaining depending on your point of view. The viewer gets to learn a vast amount of auto know-how, you see a bunch of great looking cars and have a few chuckles all at the same time.

Jay Leno’s Garage will have its own built-in audience and car fans, so staying on air over at CNBC won’t be an issue. Other then trying to find viewers to watch it live rather than DVR, steaming or reruns is another issue. Jay is in his element in all regards here when it comes to cars and interviewing guest, also keeping us entertained for the most part. Tim Allen guest stars on the first episode, in a muscle car edition of Jay Leno’s new reality show. It was a perfect mesh of comedy gold and some car fun. I do recommend at least giving Jay Leno’s Garage a watch,

Jay Leno’s Garage – CNBC – Reality Show – 3.5 out of 5