It’s TV you read! Independent comic book publisher Sitcomics, a new comic book company that gives popular comic book genres a sitcom twist, was founded by veteran TV writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, Futurama, KC Undercover). Sitcomics mixes his two decades of sitcom writing experience with his lifelong love of comic books in a new line of titles that feature 21st century characters for 21st century readers.


Jeff Shultz, an artist for Betty & Veronica, handles the visuals on the 64-page college vampire comedy Super ‘Suckers. Throw in a plethora of hilarious Sit-Commercials and you’ll easily understand why we say Sitcomics is TV you read!

Last summer, Sitcomics introduced the world to Jess and Kelly, two beautiful college students who caught the “vampire” STD off their two-timing boyfriend Dragos. Their adventures in the 68 page Super ‘Suckers #1 took the Indie comic book world by storm and now veteran sitcom writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, Futurama, The Ellen Show) joins forces with UK comedy writer Robin Taylor (My Family, Two Pints) and artist extraordinaire Jeff Shultz (Betty & Veronica, Peanuts) to revisit the dynamic vampire duo in the all-new Super ‘Suckers #2.1 from Sitcomics™!


Super ‘Suckers™ #2.1 is the first chapter in a delightful digital-first romp that writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, Futurama) is calling the world’s first-ever comic book farce. “I’ve been writing TV sitcoms for over twenty years and I really tried to squeeze everything I’ve learned about comedy into this story,” says Henry, who currently serves as writer and co-executive producer for Disney’s hit sitcom KC Undercover. “Fans of my work on Seinfeld will especially appreciate how the four main characters’ seemingly unrelated stories come together in chapter 3’s grand finale.”

The three part “Mirror, Mirror” story arc begins with Kelly getting snared in a vampire sting operation while Jess’s parents leap to conclusions after catching Jess in bed with her vampire ‘feeder Stewart. The book’s diverse cast helps deliver on Sitcomics’ mission to create all-new, 21st century characters for 21st century readers. Colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Marshall Dillon round out the creative team for Super ‘Suckers #2.1.

The ALL-NEW Super ‘Suckers™ #2.1 is on sale NOW for only $1.99 at

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Super ‘Suckers #2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 will be combined for release later this year in Sitcomics’™ 68 page print-only Binge Book™ format.

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About Sitcomics: Mixing over 20 years of experience writing sitcoms with his life-long love of comic books, veteran TV writer Darin Henry created Sitcomics to give comic book-friendly genres a sitcom twist in stories that are fun, exciting and unapologetically mainstream. So grab your favorite beverage, plop down in that recliner and crack open a cool, refreshing Sitcomic – it’s TV you read!!!