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PopCultHQ’s First Look: “A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong” #5 from Valiant

From People Magazine to the Atlantic to the Today Show and beyond, Faith has enchanted the entire globe! And now, the high-flying heroine is charming Valiant’s smash-hit ongoing series…by putting Archer in […]

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Norman Reedus Says “F#$! Yeah, I’m down!” To Portray Marvel’s ‘Ghost Rider’ If They Reboot

Norman Reedus is getting around more these days. Talk shows, conventions, and now The Walking Dead star has a new series on AMC entitled Ride With Me, where Reedus explores local biker […]


What?! Batman: The Killing Joke To Be Shown In Theaters One Day Only Prior To DVD Release

Batman: The Killing Joke, the highly-anticipated animated adaptation of writer Alan Moore and illustrator Brian Bolland’s phenomenal graphic novel of the same name, will now be shown in theaters for one […]

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Watch as Stuntwoman for ‘Supergirl’ Dressed as Wonder Woman Kills It On ‘American Ninja Warrior’

Jessie Graff becomes the first woman to conquer the new and larger 15-foot curved Warped Wall at the 2016 American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles Qualifiers. Graff, who works as a stuntwoman, […]

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Watch as John Oliver Forgives $15M of Medical Debt on HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’… Take That, Oprah

John Oliver, the host of HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight,’ just made the largest financial gift on television… he forgave the medical debt of 9000 people which totaled nearly $15 million […]